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it all starts with exploration into reaching your potential targeted customers and tailoring your website content to deliver the key message to your audience.

it is important to evaluate your main business objectives and establish a clear understanding of your goals and milestones.

we will put together a comprehensive action plan based on your requirements and provide your website with all the right tools that will dramatically improve your website visibility.

we offer an on-going service which ensures that progress is constant and consistent, gaining momentum as traffic increases to your site, constantly monitored through effective analytics that will provides us with detailed traffic statistics that we can act upon and thus keeping the machine fed, watered and the cogs turning.

we offer di-seo™ as part of a monthly on-going service that works more effectively when taken out over a longer period, allowing us to help your business grow its potential.

not just a pretty face

seo friendly website development

search engines rank your website based on whether you tick all of their boxes set out in their guidelines. We design and build your website according to these recommended guidelines, ensuring that all requirements are achieved. we make sure that all of your website content is optimised, responsive (mobile and tablet friendly) with a super quick loading speed without compromising on quality or design.

the design and development of your website is focused around the user experience (ux) and interface (ui), with easy navigation, appropriate and interesting content, effective and optimised graphics or animations, up to date, and search engine friendly.

monster insights WordPress plugin

monster insights is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add, customise, and manage the google analytics website on your WordPress site simpler.

are you wondering what the difference is between monster insights and google analytics?

google analytics is a web based analytics service offered by google to help you understand your website visitors whereas monster insights is a powerful WordPress plugin that makes it effortless to connect google analytics with your WordPress site and gives you an easier understand of your website visitor and all the data you need.

we offer the above feature as part of our di-seo™ services.

search engine indexing

once your site is live, that is when the hard work of marketing your site begins. the next step to success is to tell search engines that you exist by adding web pages into google search and allowing your audience to find specific pages easily and correctly titled.

this is called indexing which allows the search engine robots to crawl all over your website to get a firm understanding of what your business is all about, this helps the search engines categorise where your business belongs, which helps narrow down the search results for the googler, bing user and yahooer.

we offer this as part of our di-seo™ service and preferable carried out immediately after your new site is launched.

yoast premium plugin

yoast is a powerful WordPress plugin used for the management of keywords or key phrases you’d like your post or page to rank for in the search results.

it then runs a check on your content to check whether you’re using the keywords often enough – but not too often – and in the right spots.  it will not only check for the keyword or key phrase you enter, but we will analyse your text on all variations of that word or phrase.

content auditing / keyword management

as part of our di-seo™ program dedicated to content auditing and keyword management, we concentrate on making sure that your website content is continuously relevant and current for your industry. by fine tuning and monitoring your website wording and imagery we can ensure that google interprets your content correctly without the need for keyword stuffing. real and ethical content is key to seo success and not to try and beat the system with tricks up your sleeve, like others may claim.

we use google guidelines for best practice website design, which incorporates the user experience with relevant content and keywords associated to your type of business and focuses more on refining and massaging your content to suit your specific target audience.

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